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An augmented reality game based on the famed Pokémon franchise is in the works for iOS and Android, the Pokémon Company announced today. Pokémon Go will use real locations to encourage players to "explore their neighbourhoods, communities, and the world" in order to capture new Pokémon. It's due for release in 2016, and will be free, albeit with as-yet-undisclosed in-app purchases.

Exact details on how Pokémon Go will work are thin on the ground, but a teaser trailer (posted above) shows players exploring the streets to capture Pokémon, trading them between their devices, and taking part in large-scale multiplayer battles either against other players, or against legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo. A brief snippet of gameplay also showed that the game will also feature 3D graphics.

How the series' traditional and much-loved RPG mechanics will make it into Pokémon Go remains to be seen, but it does at least look like it's in good hands. Pokémon Go is being developed by Niantic, the former Google subsidiary known for creating the sci-fi augmented reality game Ingress . Junichi Masuda of Game Freak, game director of the Pokémon series, is also contributing to the project.

A small wrist-worn device called Pokémon Go Plus will also be released alongside the game, allowing players to receive notifications about events in the game like the appearance of a nearby Pokémon . Players will also be able to catch Pokémon by pressing a button on top of the device. Pokémon Go Plus connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, and will feature LED and vibration alerts. There's no word yet on how much it'll cost.

Pokémon Go technically isn't the first augmented reality Pokémon game to hit mobile. As part of an April fools prank last year, Google hid hundreds of Pokémon  across the world for people to try and catch. Pokémon Go might also not be an entirely separate game to the main series, with Game Freak looking at ways to "connect this project with the main series of Pokémon video games."

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Growing up on Staten Island, as a kid and then into young adulthood I’ve always enjoyed taking miles long bike rides in the evening and continue that ritual as I approach my 40s. For the most part, I’ve kept it a solo affair, unless a friend decided to tag along or the occasional passing of another rider in the night.

Tonight was different. Tonight is my fourth night playing Pokémon Go . So I decided to give some purpose to my pedaling. I’ll find some ‘Pokéspots’ and start upgrading my Pokémon. You have no idea what I just said but stick with me.

After doing a little research , I found out that the ‘Pokéspot’ and ‘gym’ locations are not random, they’re being fed, in essence, by Google maps, geotagged photos uploaded to Google, and user submitted data gathered in another geolocation based game called Ingress , also created by Niantic Labs, which was once part of Google.

So when I rode past Historic Richmond Town , as I have done for close to 30-years now, I expected to find a ‘Pokéspot’ or two, and maybe even some people with the same idea. It was close to midnight, so figured it would be a perfect time. I certainly didn’t expect to see the side streets and parking lots of the now-closed city landmark full of cars and hundreds of shadows walking into and out of the park.

A mobile phone game that has caught the attention of the world also appears to have caused a breakthrough with autism sufferers.

Pokémon Go, released in the UK in earlier this month, is played by users walking around the real world to catch virtual Pokémon animals.

It appears the game's mix of real and virtual reality has helped to break down many of the social barriers autistic people feel when they are out in public.

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