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скачать idisplay android бесплатно

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idisplay android бесплатноidisplay android бесплатно

I currently have the Galaxy S4, M919v. I own two 24 inch Samsung monitors.

Is there any method for me to display my Android screen onto one of my monitors?

I want to basically play my Android games, using my Android phone, but have them displayed on my monitors. My 24 inch monitor has the same resolution as my phone, so I figure the graphics should be great.

I am trying to find a WIFI/micro-usb cable solution to this problem without buying any types of additional connectors.

You mentioned in your question that you don't want to buy any additional connectors. Any reason in particular? How unwilling are you to spend money? Resolution isn't going to be the problem, it's latency.

Turn your iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini or Android tablet into a convenient side monitor for your Mac or Windows PC.

8/12/2013  · Perfect tool for multitaskers, iDisplay lets you use your Android as interactive wireless display to give you more screen real estate. "That's: brilliant.

8/12/2013  · Android 端末を双方向性ワイヤレスディスプレイとして使える iDisplay ... ではなく、 iDisplay を選ぶのか? - Android ...

android .view. Display Provides information about the size and density of a logical display . The display area is described in two different ways. The ...

idisplay for android free download - iDisplay, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android 5.0 Lollipop, and many more programs

Create something and share it with your audience. If you're a teacher, invite your students to join you for a beautiful demo. If you're on a meeting, share that spreadsheet with your partners. If you're having friends at your place, share family vacation photos.

Move your messaging app, Facebook timeline,
Twitter feed, widgets and everything that clutters your
main display to your secondary monitor.

Designers love the iPad Pro, because it becomes the perfect graphics tablet with iDisplay.

Move everything you need to your secondary display
and take it with you on a mission.

Choose what works better for you - Lightning cable or WiFi connection that gives you the maximal flexibility.

iDisplay Desktop for Windows 8/8.1 is now available at http://getidisplay.com

It's still a beta, however we consider it to be stable enough to be out there in Internet wilderness.

If it still doesn't work on your Windows 8 computer, please address your report via support request from the app.

In this update we squashed a few bugs some users may have experienced on Windows 10. Get the updated version here: getidisplay.com

iDisplay is now available on Windows 10! Download it on getidisplay.com

Transforme o seu dispositivo Android para o segundo monitor para o seu Mac ou PC com Windows!

Transforme seu tablet Android ou telefone para o mostrador adicional para o seu computador Mac ou Windows. Aumentar sua produtividade pessoal, estendendo sua tela de computador! Ferramenta perfeita para multitaskers, iDisplay permite que você use o seu Android como display interativo sem fio para lhe dar mais espaço na tela.

"Isso é:. Brilhante Quer dizer, eu posso pensar de cerca de um bilhão de usos para isso." -MobileCrunch
Por que escolher iDisplay sobre a exibição de hardware?
– Seu Android pode ser seu monitor secundário
– Funciona com computadores Mac e do Windows
– Escolha entre as opções de conexão Wi-Fi e USB: o que é mais adequado em qualquer situação particular

– IDisplay permite interagir com o monitor adicional: mover objetos, tração, controle de reprodução
– Zoom e Pan o seu direito de mesa em seu Android
– Alterne facilmente entre as orientações de tela retrato e paisagem: basta girar o dispositivo e ele irá ajustar automaticamente
– Se encaixa perfeitamente para qualquer resolução de tela Android
Android OS 2.1 ou posterior
Mac OS X

O Que HÁ Nesta version:
Versão 2.4.1
– Desempenho melhorado significativamente
Versão 2.3.6
– Windows 8 suporte
Versão 2.3.0
– Localizações coreanos e japoneses
– Otimização de uso de memória