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Ежедневно на рынке приложений появляется большое количество новых программ. Интернет браузеры, приложения для общения в социальных сетях, мультимедиа аудио и видео плееры для проигрывания музыки и просмотра фильмов, программы для камер. В отличие от других подобных проектов у нас публикуются только лучшие приложения.

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gameplayer androidgameplayer android

GamePlayer  Require Openssh and Backgrounder (for non-multitasking games like tap paradise cove).

With this App you can hack almost all offline games and some online game.

4. Go back to the iPad home screen and run ‘GamePlayer’ – Make sure that DevilDark is running in the background.

5. Click the far left button below ‘SearchItem1′, select application -> DevilDark.

6. Then input your Gold value and click search. You may see a lot of results.

Superuser and Super SU are the two apps that control root access per app. For a majority of phones Superuser is what is flashed through ROM Manager when root is obtained on a device. Now that were done with the history lesson, we can get into what really makes these two apps so powerful.

SuperSU is basically Superuser on steroids. While both allow for root access on a per app basis. SuperSU has features like a comprehensive root access management system and an OTA root keeper for those who purchase the pro version. To sum it all up, both these apps act as the keys to release to Androids free from the bondage of bad apps.

With games like N.O.V.A. 3 and Modern Combat 3 having such powerful graphics, it can become increasingly hard to kill the enemy with screen lag and overall choppiness. Fortunately Chainfire 3D is hear to save the day!

Chainfire offers a variety of features that allow it to reduce texture quality and size as well as unroll textures. Be careful of the latter of the three as sometimes it can affect the tags on the names of other players online. Overall this leads to better performance for the game, allowing the player to perform better in the game.

Whether it be boosting performance or battery life AnTuTu CPU Master has got it covered. AnTuTu CPU Master is complete overclocking, underclocking, and undervolting management. Putting the owner in the driver seat. Best part about it is it’s free allowing your Android to get that added boost no matter what the circumstances may be.

iOSにある脱獄アプリ(Tweak)のほとんどを動かしている、仕切っている、親玉のような存在が『 Mobile Substrate 』と言う物です。これがあるおかげで脱獄アプリをより便利に、そして0から作るよりも簡単に作ることができます。
これは Cydia作者 の Saurik 氏が手がけた物。

今回、Saurik氏がAndroid向けに、iOSのMobile Substrateと同じような役割を持つ『 Cydia Substrate 』をリリースしました。また、同時に『 Android版 WinterBoard 』もリリースされています。

意識していないとしてもiOSで脱獄をしている方にとって、ほぼ全ての方がお世話になっているであろう「 Mobile Substrate 」。これは多くの脱獄アプリ(Tweak)を動かすために使用される、フレームワーク的な存在。簡単に言ってしまえば、脱獄アプリの 親玉 みたいな感じです。

今回、Mobile Substrateの作者でもあり、 Cydiaの作者 でもある Saurik氏 が新たに Android向け に『 Cydia Substrate 』と言う物をリリースしました。
役割としてはiOSのMobile Substrateと同じで、Android上でこれまでよりも便利で、より手軽にTweak(システム拡張)を開発・使用出来る様になる!という事を意味しています。また、これまでよりも多くの事を実現できる様になる可能性も秘めています。

Cydia Substrateの使用は『 Android 2.3 ~ 4.2 』のデバイスで、尚且つ『 root化 (脱獄的な)』されている事が条件となります。
インストール自体はGoogle Playから『 Cydia Substrate - Google Play 』をインストールするか、公式サイト『 cydiasubstrate.com 』からAPKを直接ダウンロードしてインストールします。(ただし、全てのデバイスでテストされたわけではないので、十分に注意して使いましょう)

This is the latest version of GameKiller .apk download for all Android devices, also this is the official version. NOT B.S modified apk file.

GameKiller is the Android version of Gameplayer (iOS), is the best CheatEngine developed by the Chinese team,therefore this app is in Chinese. However, it’s easy to use, if this is your first time downloading and using GameKiller, you can check out how to use this app from here , or simply go to Youtube and search how to use GameKiller for Android tutorial.

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JinXing Digital CO.Ltd (commonly referred to as JXD, Chinese: 金星电子有限公司) is a manufacturer of consumer electronics based in Shenzhen , China. [1]

In 2005, the company started manufacturing of flash MP4 players , HD MP4 and PMPs . [2]

Like a lot of other mushrooming Chinese companies producing digital products, JXD manufactures mobile phones , mobile TV devices and other devices. Most of their PMPs support NES Games in BIN Format [3]

JXD's first product to garner interest from retro gamers was the JXD 301, which had a blackfin 533 MHz processor and could emulate a wide variety of retro consoles in a handheld format. [4] [5]

Established in 1995, Jinxing Digital Co. Ltd is a professional and specialized manufacturer of MP3 players and other electronic products. Tablets processors run on A10 and A13.

今回、紹介するのは 脱獄 アプリ「 Flex 2 」。このアプリは様々な使い方ができる多機能アプリですが、今回はGamePlayer等を開いたままゲームを開いているとエラーがでる現象を回避できる方法をご紹介します。

1.cydiaで「 Flex 2 」を検索