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alan parsons projectalan parsons project

The Alan Parsons Project was een Britse progressieve rockband uit de late jaren 70 tot eind jaren 80 . De band is opgericht door Alan Parsons en Eric Woolfson .

De albums van The Alan Parsons Project vertonen vrijwel allemaal eenzelfde kenmerkende structuur:

Vooral de vroegere albums lijken te zijn geïnspireerd door Pink Floyd 's Dark Side of the Moon . Aan dit album werkte Parsons mee als geluidstechnicus .

The Alan Parsons Project (abbreviato APP ) è stato un gruppo rock progressivo britannico nato nel 1975 per iniziativa di Alan Parsons ed Eric Woolfson , attivo, discograficamente parlando, dal 1976 sino ad inizio anni novanta , anche se il periodo di maggior successo si ferma al 1987 .

Eric Woolfson e Alan Parsons non erano musicisti di professione: Alan Parsons ( Londra , 20 dicembre 1948 ) lavorava come ingegnere del suono presso gli studi della EMI di Abbey Road a Londra, dove nel 1969 collaborò con Geoff Emerick per Abbey Road dei Beatles . In seguito, Parsons continuò a collaborare con Paul McCartney e negli anni settanta lavorò per i Pink Floyd in Atom Heart Mother e The Dark Side of the Moon .

Lo scozzese Eric Woolfson ( Glasgow , 18 marzo 1945 - 2 dicembre 2009 ), avvocato di professione, cantante e pianista dilettante, aveva composto svariate canzoni per altrettanti svariati gruppi "beat" negli anni sessanta e nel decennio successivo avrebbe lavorato nel management del cantante di disco music Carl Douglas .

Con tale nucleo hanno collaborato nel corso degli anni molti cantanti professionisti come Lenny Zakatek , David Paton , Chris Rainbow e Colin Blunstone . Dai Pink Floyd Alan Parsons ha "preso in prestito" le voci di Lesley Duncan ( If I Could Change Your Mind ) e Clare Torry ( Don't Hold Back ) per l'album Eve , primo lavoro del gruppo nel quale figurano interpretazioni femminili.

Eye in the Sky (1982) è probabilmente l'album più famoso del gruppo, nonché il più venduto e l'ultimo ad aver ricevuto il disco di platino (dopo I Robot e The Turn of a Friendly Card ). L'album contiene tre dei brani più conosciuti della band: Sirius , Eye in the sky e Mammagamma .

The Alan Parsons Project (also known as The Alan Parsons Project ; Alan Parsons Project, The ; Project, Parson, Alan, The ; The Poor Man's Yes , The Thinking Man's ELO , and The Real Slim Shady ) were an English Prog rock band based in England, somewhere near Abbey Road Studios.

Made up of two brothers, Eric Woolfson Project and his rather mysterious brother, Alan Parsons Project, the band redefined Prog during the 70s and 80s, then redefined themselves, then redefined redefining themselves, then redefined beards .

Perhaps the most notable fact about Alan's history is that he was assistant engineer on many of The Beatles 's's albums whilst they were being recorded at Abbey Road studios. This fact will be the first thing any Project fan will tell you, also the second, third and fourth things, and then repeated every twelve to fifteen minutes until you kill them, and even then until you hide the body. This article, in honor of Project fandom, will follow suit.

The Alan Parsons Project, the band, was started by the brothers Project: Alan Parsons Project and Eric Woolfson Project, soon after Alan became tired of endlessly engineering albums for The Beatles at Abbey Road studios. Eric wanted to write, but couldn't play; Alan could play, but couldn't write. Even after considering the fact that they were brothers, it was a marriage made in Heaven, or at least at Elektra/Asylum records.

Thus was borne the first two albums by the Group; Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Edgar Allan Poe (only on a record) , and I Robot, You Jane , mocking the styles of Poe and Isaac Asimov respectively (and also without respect). The group's opening gambit worked, and by the time of the third album, Surprise, We're Actually A Band (Had You Worked That Out?) , had – amazingly enough, built a fan base.

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